We only do one thing, we help you grow your business like never before with technology.

There are tonnes of software out there, you would never have the time or effort to try out every software to see if they fit your company. This is where we provide you our service. We will understand your problem, suggest solutions and assist you in deploying and implementing them into your business.

We share with you our capabilities below and determine if any one or more can help you in your business, whether it is sales or operations.

google assistant voice activationVoice Enabled

Do you know you can just tell the computer to do things for you instead of typing or clicking the mouse? Using Google Assistant API and natural language processing, the computer can “understand” what you want it to do just by speaking to it.

WebWeb Development

We always find new ways to enhance your clients’ experience on the web. Mobile apps are so last decade. Progressive Web Apps or PWA are the new user experiences that are built on the web, which are reliable, fast, engaging, and they are now first-class citizens on your mobile phone.

EcommerceE-commerce Solutions

Is your E-commerce websites working for you? Is it slow and difficult for your customer to make payment? How does blazing fast loading speeds and instant payment sound? We can build E-commerce sites on Accelerated Mobile Pages, making your website looks and loads up like a mobile app, instantly.

machine learning artificial intelligenceMachine Learning

Machine Learning is the use of data to churn out useful results without human intervention.
With good data fed into the system, the system can “understand” and “learn” and the results get better over time.

TrackingLocation Based Solutions

Need we say more? We are Singapore’s specialist in everything location based. Whether if it is for operations, marketing, tracking, we have the solution for them. Whether it is to manage Promoters, Merchandisers, Sales, Security Guards, our solution allows you to track and manage them instantly at the comfort of your office.

automated identification and data captureAIDC

Automated Identification and Data Capture or AIDC is the use of technology to automatically identify things in the real world and using rules or Artificial Intelligence, capture the correct data, because only good data will benefit your business.

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