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How to plan for digital marketing campaigns

Marketing companies focusing on their core competency tend to lack the sufficient capabilities to keep up with technology. This is why working with a proficient development house greatly improve your creative options.

Marketing campaigns tend to have a shorter lifespan, which consequently centres around datelines and development budget. It is also important to provide metrics to track return on marketing investment (ROMI). As technology advances, it is important to keep track of how they can be harnessed to benefit your campaigns.

Learn industry changes and expand your creative repertoire with technology

Whether if it is creating micro-sites for your social media to link to, or designing engaging and interactive contents for events. Here are some new aspects to consider:

  • Progressive Web Applications (PWA) and Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) frameworks to speed up and improve the stability of web pages. Especially as Google search result indexing will shift to Mobile First and mobile loading speed. This may mean a higher customer acquisition cost to achieve equivalent placing. Google expects this to affect any web pages loading several seconds and above.
  • Push notification, offline mode, add to home screen are increasingly available in the web browser, adding verticals to otherwise purely informative web pages.
  • Web pages and applications usually are 10% lesser in customer acquisition cost (CAC). Users are more likely to try when using the internet browser as opposed to downloading a full mobile application. It is also cheaper to develop and easier to control web-based platforms.

Marketing games and augmented reality can be developed on the web platform allowing interactive contents to be easily accessible to your target audience. In a simple tap-and-score mini-game developed for M1 returned almost 50% conversion from starting the game to submitting contact information.

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