Maintenance, Security

Keeping your website up-to-date is the most important thing to safeguard your business online.

Keeping up to date

Does your website evolve with your business? Or is it a do-once-and-forget expense you did some time ago? In the ever-evolving times now, keeping your website up-to-date is very important as it is the first impression of your business now, especially when a brick-and-mortar shop is out of reach or simply too expensive.

It is crucial to update your website with your latest products or service, or even activities you had done, something you do with your Facebook or Instagram page every once in a while. It creates a sense of recency and informs your clients that your business is still operating. Imagine yourself going to a website that looks 20th century? Do you think the business is still operational?

Sometimes it is hard for business owners to go in to check out on your website, which most may not have the knowledge on the know-how. We in Blink Technologies can help you in this!

Reaching out to more Visitors

Communicate to your visitors in the most effective way with website copywriting and strategising. We write to entice your visitors to perform on call-to-actions so you get their contact details. These in turn help to get more sales for your business.

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