Research and Idea Testing

Client (Secura)

Security agencies can deploy hundreds of security specialists island-wide. In order to establish a robust process for management and administration, the agencies engaged our services to assist in research and development work.

Starting research work in a specific industry.

We did not have any background in the security industry, so we started with understanding their requirements. The system of processing attendance before the project was manual and time-consuming. In the whole process flow, there are hundreds of officers clocking-in and out for each shift, and it requires different departments to collate, calculate, and generate more than 10,000 shifts data in a month. The project aims to reduce the errors and time taken from the roster to payroll.

Once we understand their end-goal, we identify the steps required to reach it. Fundamental integration works were developed first into independent modules, i.e. login security system, and biometric data collection.

Research should focus on speed and iteration for cost savings

Next, we draw out a couple of options and met up with different stakeholders. In order to ensure that the projects will benefit the organisation, we focus on speed instead of aesthetical interfaces and experience. Our plan is to engage each department in the process flow, create bite-size modules for them to try out, and continue to iterate the experience. Each module completion involves training of department staffs, attempted deployment, and feedbacks.

Each time a module involves a conflict between departments, we stop all processes, gather every single stakeholder and sit down to resolve the problem.

The whole processes involve a number of major iterations before a successful implementation.