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If you don’t have a website, you don’t exist.
In today circumstances the majority of the business owners believe in that. However, there are more to just putting up another page on the web.

Building your brand and credibility through speed and caching

If your webpage takes more than 10 seconds to load, you might be losing your audience.

In a Google report, a page that loads more than 1 second is likely to distract the user from the task at hand. By the 10 seconds, users tend to feel frustrated and give up altogether. While users are more likely to accept slow loading time for mobile connections, mobile pages face significant technical challenges.

Ensure web pages load in an unstable connection, use speed and caching.

The trick is to minimise the need to load content over the net. By caching as much data onto the user’s device as possible reduces reliant on online connections. Having a faster speed also increases the chance of completing the file request before connections are disrupted.

A web page that fails to load erodes business confidence, lose frustrated clients, and reduce Google search index.

Online security becomes increasingly attracts regulators and laws

Basic security goes a long way. Here are some simple strategies to employ:

  • Encrypt your data with SSL certification. Google overtly highlights and restrict access to unprotected websites, eroding user confidence.
  • Offload responsibility to browsers without sacrificing user experience. An e-commerce site should refrain from saving credit card information in the case of being compromised. Instead, internet browsers have autofill functions that can be utilised for similar user experience.
  • Hiding details with encapsulation. For example, hiding the fact that a page is a WordPress site makes it more difficult to exploit.

Improve visibility by adopting Mobile First in a changing environment

Today, users are more likely to access your web page via their mobile phones. Google reflects the market change by enforcing their search result indexing will shift to Mobile First and mobile loading speed. This may mean a higher customer acquisition cost to achieve equivalent placing. Google expects this to affect any web pages loading several seconds and above.

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