What are the things we do?

Web Design and Marketing

Attract and engage your audience with micro-sites, mini-games, and customer relationship management (CRM). Use the tricks of the market, that results in leads and conversion for your sales.

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Going Digital

The World is changing, don’t get left behind. Improve your operational efficiency and achieve business scalability. We serves simple technical consultancy to planning enterprise resource planning (ERP).

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Our Updates

Why is this Pop-up critical for E-Commerce?

You have most likely entered this page from a pop-up box. It means there was a layer of a screen overlaying the original content to provide you with information. It stopped any other interactions [...]

Why you need ecommerce, an online shop?

An online shop is like your own physical store on the internet. It goes far beyond that just putting up a website online. This contains your company name, contact details, as well as your [...]

We are Alibaba Reseller

We are Alibaba Cloud Reseller To continue giving our clients better services and reduction in prices, we worked with Alibaba Cloud to bring you Alibaba's latest technology. And at the same time, we are able [...]

Who have we built for?

These are some companies whom we have worked with to help them transform their business.

  • elitez - web maintenance, website
  • ntuc health - website, maintenance
  • secura - custom web development
  • shiseido - custom web development
  • moet hennessy - custom web development
  • nestle - custom web development
  • m1 - web games
  • fortis law - custom web development